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Study Permit

Studying abroad can be a very rewarding experience. This program is intended for eligible individuals who wish to study in Canada. If you are planning to further your studies in Canada by enrolling in a Canadian school, College or University you will be required to attain a study permit prior to coming to Canada from your country of residence.

Some Exceptions

For example, you do not need a study permit if you are planning to take a course or program in Canada for Six months or less. However there are several benefits of having a study permit. For instance with a study permit you may be eligible to extend your studies should you decided to continue your program beyond the six months period. Without having secured a study permit you will be required to leave Canada in order to be eligible to apply for one. Please also note, that there are also work opportunities for foreign students who are in Canada on a study permit. For further eligibility assessment and coordination of your study permit application please contact us.


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